SoundCloud mobile puts the emphasis on music discoverySoundcloud

SoundCloud mobile puts the emphasis on music discovery

Competition for music streaming platforms is fiercer than ever, and SoundCloud has responded to the challenge by releasing an update for its mobile application. The new changes are aimed at improving user experience and music discovery. It’s hardly coincidental timing to update those areas, given that newly-launched competitor Apple Music is lauded for its user-friendly interface and well-curated radio stations. The SoundCloud update includes some basic improvements that users have been wanting for some time, like the ability to edit playlists in the app and to shuffle “liked” tracks and playlists.

The most significant change, however, is the new “related tracks” feature. When users find a track that they like, it is now possible to hit a “Play Related Tracks” button and launch SoundCloud’s music discovery algorithm. This generates a stream of other songs that the user may enjoy, pulled from SoundCloud’s collection of more than 100 million tracks. Artists upload an average of ten hours of music to the site per minute, so the content to discover is constantly increasing. One advantage SoundCloud may even have over Apple with this update is that many users who upload to SoundCloud are new artists trying to generate initial attention and build a fanbase, while the majority of artists on Apple Music are already signed to a label. SoundCloud’s new update allows users to discover raw talent that they might never have known existed.

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