Tchami’s ‘After Life’ remix EP is delightfully diverseAfter Life Remies Tchami ARtwork

Tchami’s ‘After Life’ remix EP is delightfully diverse

Tchami has been the defining force behind the future house movement that has dominated the EDM scene in 2015. For the last four months, he’s been garnering major traction after unveiling the mammoth “After Life (ft. Stacey Barthe)“. Finally, he has released the long-awaited remix EP for the single. Filled with up-and-comers and spanning a variety of genres, there’s something in this EP for everyone, and many listeners may be rewarded with a new favorite artist.

There are probably few Tchami fans that don’t already know the Jauz remix, which Tchami included in his Confessions, Pt. II mix and has made a staple in his live sets. Jauz develops the original vocal and deep rhythm into a frenzied broken beat drop, featuring sharp, rubbery synths and crashing snare hits.

Next on the EP is an experimental take on the track by Dutch producer and Bitbird label-leader San Holo. San Holo’s futuristic trap remix is characterized by glitchy syncopated synths, erratic bass kicks, rich pads, and tinny fills.

The dark horse highlight of the EP comes with the third remix, produced by the enigmatic Malaa. Malaa’s remix appeals to listeners’ more sinister sides with deep bass stabs, malicious melodies, and a heavy, snare-driven rhythm.

Point Point’s remix evens out the EP, moving away from its heavier counter parts in favor of an upbeat, funky groove marked with jazzy piano chords, melodic vocal modulations, and uplifting breaks.

Veterans DJ Snake and Mercer’s brazenly loud spin on “After Life” comes out of nowhere, and almost seems out of place in the EP. However, it will be right at home among adrenaline junkies, and undoubtedly will be a staple at festivals all summer.

It’s only fitting that Tchami, having built his reputation through stellar remixes, lends way to remixes of the same caliber.


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