Tiesto – Suburban Train (Jordan Suckley Remix)Suburban Train

Tiesto – Suburban Train (Jordan Suckley Remix)

Possibly following the lead of Bryan Kearney, who just put out a teaser of his rendition of Dario G’s “Sunchyme,” Jordan Suckley has also decided to remix a popular trance classic. Opting to remix an old Tiesto track from his trance days, Suckley’s take on “Suburban Train” took the euphoric melody of the original and added tech elements to make his versionmuch  more edgy.

The finished version is considerably more intense than the “Suburban Train” of 2001; though maintaining the uplifting energy, the emphasis placed on the kick, higher BPM, and crunchier synth accents add an entirely new dimension to the track. According to Suckley, the remix will see its official release on his Damaged Records label, which to him is a “huge honour to have such an iconic name” on his record label.

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