Tommy Kruise – Hers (SKULS RIP)SKULS

Tommy Kruise – Hers (SKULS RIP)

It’s no secret that the trend for unofficial remixes has uncovered some seriously promising next generation talent across the continents. Enter SKULS, a California-based duo whose rips on the high-end of hip-hop and trap have continued to turn heads towards the budding twosome.

Where Tommy Kruise’ original took a more intimate and slowly unwinding form, SKULS give ‘Her’ a sinister yet energetic slap for this latest in their series of on-point rips. Beefing up the beats and emphasising the track’s blissful melodic core, the latest cut from SKULS suggests that by the time the original material starts flowing again, these US newcomers will an essential point of reference for the next generation of favouring talent. Free Download

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