Venti, extra shot; coffee made with sound waves?Eliir Coffee

Venti, extra shot; coffee made with sound waves?

Music has become a present, if not always visible, aspect of almost everything around us. The limited pool of objects that are in no part integrated with music is growing even smaller with the latest development by Elixir Specialty Coffee. Elixir has set itself apart by making its brew not from an unusual bean, but with a specialized process that uses sound waves to extract the drink. 

The coffee is sold in bottles numbered one to twenty-four, which corresponds to the number of hours under which the beverage is treated to this mysterious process. It looks more like whiskey and tastes more like tea than coffee, with a light body, fruit and herbal notes, and zero bitterness. The typical caffeine rush present with espresso or cold-brewed coffee is replaced with a more sustained and gradual alertness, with no crash. Is it too good to be true? How does this even work?

Like regular coffee, Elixir uses only coffee and water to make their brew. The extraction process, called sonic-assisted extraction, is what makes this coffee different. Coffee grounds and water are placed in a chamber which is circulated with high-frequency sound waves, which breaks down the cell walls and diffuses caffeine and flavors throughout the water. The result is is light and refreshing taste that delivers caffeine in a more nuanced way than your typical drip. As of now the only place to try the drink is at Copa Vida in Pasadena, CA, though the Elixir company is based in Sydney, Australia and has plans to expand elsewhere in the United States.

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