Watch Daft Punk play ‘Da Funk’ for the first time in the official ‘Eden’ trailerDaftpunk Eden

Watch Daft Punk play ‘Da Funk’ for the first time in the official ‘Eden’ trailer

Long before the Daft Punk members were elusive robots, they were the young producers Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo spinning at French house parties. Eden, a film about the French house scene of the 1990s and partially inspired by the real-life story of Daft Punk, has released its official trailer. The clip documents the first time that Daft Punk’s first major single “Da Funk” was heard by an audience. “Not bad; I prefer when it was more techno,” comments a party-goer witnessing the historic moment. The film was written by Sven Hansen-Løve who was actually present the first time “Da Funk” was played almost twenty years ago. Sven is also close enough with Thomas and Guy-Man that he was able to license the three Daft Punk songs used in the film for a mere $3,700, while a normal fee for the tracks would have been upwards of a million dollars. Eden is out in theaters nationwide on July 24th. 

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