Watch This: Skrillex inspires a TMZ reporter to follow his dreamsSkrille Boi

Watch This: Skrillex inspires a TMZ reporter to follow his dreams

Being a celebrity can be difficult sometimes. With people continually approaching you in public and cameras constantly shoved in your face, sometimes it can be hard to maintain a certain level of cool. It is all a matter of how you deal with it, and Skrillex may have the best method of all. A TMZ reporter caught up with Sonny, buzzing behind him by inches, bantering about the whole ghostwriter snafu that continues to find new life week after week. The reporter is trying to incite a reaction from one of music’s most recognizable global personalities, and instead, the tables turn and the unsuspecting TMZ cameraman finds himself in front of the lens.

Skrillex plays it cool, keeps his calm, and grabs the camera from the reporter, but rather than pulling a Kanye and smashing the camera to pieces, Sonny instead asks the reporter his name and what he wants to do with his life. His name is Cody and he is trying to make a buck or two like the rest of us, until he can become the director he set out to be.

Leave it to Skrillex to remind us that TMZ drones are people too, and rather than escalating a situation meant to invoke an emotional reaction, Sonny has a little lighthearted fun with it and reminds young Cody, as well as the rest of us, to “follow your dreams, man.” Feels.

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