Watch This: Spotify and Apple Music duke it out in this parodyHot Chocolate Party

Watch This: Spotify and Apple Music duke it out in this parody

With Apple Music announcing its inception around a month ago, music listeners have more choices than ever of where to stream their music online. The competition is so wide and so fierce for the same service, that some are wondering how all of the different companies are expected to prosper in this post-CD environment.

Hot Chocolate Party have interpreted this ongoing battle for business in a hilarious way by portraying each service as an ex-boyfriend to the female listener. The video begins with a classic breakup scene where the girl leaves her boyfriend, Spotify, for Apple Music. While bickering over what makes Apple Music better since than Spotify, other characters like Pandora make an appearance as the ex who is off in his song recommendations, and Tidal, who is covered in money and claiming he’s not a member of the Illuminati. The argument concludes when the female reveals that she is choosing Apple Music because he offered Taylor Swift as an option, thus leaving Spotify with a broken heart as her and Apple Music walked out the door.

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