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Amsterdam’s ‘Blood Rave’ wants to douse ravers in real blood

Sure, we all loved Blade and fondly recall the bloodied vampire rave scene – but would you ever considered actually attending one? Apparently, over 1,000 people are interested in the real-life event that hopes to recreate the scene. The aptly titled “Blood Rave” is attempting to make Halloween in Amsterdam just a little scarier than usual by literally spraying attendees with blood through a special sprinkler system.

The organizer, who remains anonymous for obvious reasons, told NL Times that they have not confirmed the use of real blood yet, but hope that they’ll be able to. In fact, they have specifically developed a sprinkler system that will mimic the dousing effect in Blade‘s famous scene. “We’ve already tested it a number of times a substance resembling blood,” the organizer explained.

Though many have claimed that the “Blood Rave” concept has been done before, the Amsterdam event claims to be the first real Blood Rave. Despite the unanswered questions about hygiene if the event manages to use real blood, it seems people are nonetheless excited. The organizers are expecting a “freaky” crowd of people who will live out their craziest vampire dreams. Click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook.



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