Avril Lavigne – Complicated (Kasum Remix) [Free Download]Kasum Complicated

Avril Lavigne – Complicated (Kasum Remix) [Free Download]

Kasum has made a name for himself in the dance music sphere by remixing nostalgic pop and punk throwbacks without ever straying into cheesy territory. His latest effort flips Avril Lavigne’s angsty classic “Complicated,” with Megan Hamilton covering Avril’s original twangy vocals. After a recent foray into tropical-tinged production, “Complicated” moves back into Kasum’s more signature territory of melodic dubstep, with bright instrumentals, energetic guitar riffs, and rippling snares sliding into a massive melodic drop. Kasum himself sings backup vocals for the first time on the track, and he found Megan Hamilton “just by coincidence online and within 15 minutes of me introducing myself to her, she sent back to me a PERFECT cover of the song.” Free download here.

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