Bambook return to Culprit with ‘The Storm’ EPBambook

Bambook return to Culprit with ‘The Storm’ EP

Bambook specialize in crafting emotional deep house records. There’s a sense of authenticity within their sound that differentiates their work from the genre’s standard fare. The Swedish duo are at their best writing hypnotic vocal records, as evidenced by past releases like “Slip Away” and “Humble Hearts.” Their new EP for Los Angeles-based label Culprit brings more of the same.

Lead single “The Storm” is a fully fleshed out vocal offering featuring a swelling bassline that rumbles beneath a tightly layered drum kit. The single arrives with a remix from Berlin-based artist The Drifter who provides a more stripped down version.

The B-side to the release, “Dance With Me,” is just as engrossing, albeit lighter and more acoustic in nature.

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