Ben Nicky – Red Alert (Original Mix)EfKKD5Rq

Ben Nicky – Red Alert (Original Mix)

Ben Nicky has perfected the are of “headfucking” over the past couple years, defining his sound with regular mashups and complex releases. Doing what he does best, the British producer tickles the ears with a wide array of sounds for “Red Alert.” Seemingly innocuous at the start, the track twists into darkness as a progressive psy-trance bassline furiously kicks in. Balancing out the psy, however, synths often heard in uplifting trance provide a lighter harmony in the higher frequencies. Foraying further into uplifting territory, the breakdown uses majestic string and choir samples to create an serene aura. These feelings are shortly lived as a tingly buildup launches the listener back into a more sinister realm, bursting with sharp tech trance accents and the return of the psy bassline.

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