Cazzette continue their musical evolution with ‘Desserts’ EPDesserts1500

Cazzette continue their musical evolution with ‘Desserts’ EP

The evolution of Cazzette since their debut album EJECT has shown a gradual yet natural expansion into fresh musical territory. Having set the tone with lead single ‘Together‘ and a series of bootlegs earlier in the year, the duo’s latest for PRMD Music/ICONS speaks for a vast musical journey by the At Night Management staples since first breaking into the spotlight.

Desserts as a whole picks up where u-turn singles ‘Blind Heart’ and ‘Sleepless’ left off, using the EP’s earlier released leader to set the tone with a more R&B inspired take on the Cazzette sound. Alongside Swedish newcomer Buster Moe, ‘Genius’ dips into the commercial dance world with a French house inspired twist, leaving ‘State Of Bliss’ to show a more club orientated spin on things. The LP assisted ‘Solo Para Ti’ throws a Mediterranean flare into the equation, leaving the long anticipated ‘Dancing With Your Ghost’ alongside Sterling Fox to strip things back to a finale vaguely reminiscent of their earlier sound, but finely tuned for the modern market.

Cazzette’s calling card remains an unapologetic blurring of musical styles. As one of the bigger instalments from the duo since EJECT, their latest collective work plays testament to an act that sounds uninspired by repetition and increasingly determined to take electronic music away from its lowest common denominator.

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