Cazzette take you Behind The Song for forthcoming ‘Genius’Unnamed1

Cazzette take you Behind The Song for forthcoming ‘Genius’

With just one week left until Cazzette drop their long-awaited EP Desserts, the duo of Alex and Seb have opened the doors to their studio to allow fans a sneak peak of whats to come on the EP and how it was made. In the first episode of the mini-series, Cazzette discus the creative process behind “Genius,” a Buster Moe-featured vocal track that reeks of French House in all the best ways. While not a very technical video, fans can gain insight into the meta-process by which Cazzette construct their music, which will surely resonate with a wider audience. A handful of fun facts and interesting tidbits are laced throughout the video, so make sure to check out the short cut and pre-order Desserts now.

Desserts is available August 14th for stream via Spotify, and will arrive at all other retailers August 28th.

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