Chet Faker offers short, sweet ‘Killswitch’Chet Faker Kill Switch Artwork

Chet Faker offers short, sweet ‘Killswitch’

The sounds currently emanating from Australia are coming from some of the brightest minds in electronic music. Perhaps leading that pack, Chet Faker represents a different side of the spectrum with his expressive crooning and inventive, kaleidoscopic version of downtempo hip-hop and R&B-inspired production. His new single “Killswitch” is quintessential Chet Faker, as the Built On Glass B-side bonus track blends the Future Classic proponent’s sultry vocals with bold, poignant piano notes.

Hollow, distant vocals resonate over light keystrokes until halfway through the short piece. A simple, snappy drum rhythm eventually accompanies Faker’s smooth hook, but as with most of Chet Faker’s music, the cooling minimalism and the tempered might of his voice are the critical appeal.

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