Prepare for Chromeo on Bounce Boat and enter for a chance at the ultimate experienceChromeo Bounce Boat

Prepare for Chromeo on Bounce Boat and enter for a chance at the ultimate experience

Bounce Boat has been a staple in New York City’s live event circuit since its inception in 2011, offering a unique, seasonal experience for concert goers looking to take excitement off land. When on the boat’s deck, party goers are exposed to unmatched views with the interior’s tunes present enough to be an enjoyable soundtrack; when inside, the boat becomes a venue of its own and offers an intimate but festival-sized aesthetic.

Bringing in some of the most coveted names in EDM, as well as surprise guests and talents beyond the DJ world, the floating party continues its streak this summer. With an all-new boat and next-level production value, the floating party is one that can’t be missed this season. Already gracing the decks of Bounce Boat, TJR took fans on the road (or sea) to Electric Zoo, and it only gets better.

Chromeo are on deck (no pun intended) with a rare DJ set performance next Friday. Bounce Boat brings the “Jealous” duo like you’ve probably never seen them before — sailing around New York City.

We’re offering 4 lucky fans the ultimate experience to see Chromeo on Bounce Boat, next Friday, August 14th. Enter to win a table for you and 3 friends with a complimentary bottle. Must be 21+ to enter; winners will be selected on Wednesday, August 12th.

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