Claptone feat. Jaw – Dear Life (Claptone Night Remix)Claptonenight

Claptone feat. Jaw – Dear Life (Claptone Night Remix)

The golden-masked Claptone has remained an elusive, yet unfaltering presence since he arrived in the electronic music world three years ago. An imposing resume has been accumulated since then and in October, the producer’s debut album is set to arrive. The first single arrived in the form of “Dear Life” and has received a new rendition from the Berlin-based, masked producer. Before Jaw’s vocals emerge, the “Night” remix accentuates a melodic topline while keeping the swift and precise drums largely in place. ‘Charmer’ is set to arrive on October 16th and amid electronic music’s non-stop cycle of cross-genre collaborations, Claptone’s full-length LP may arrive as the fall’s preeminent project that flies under the radar.

Release date: August 21st

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