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DA Premiere: Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren – Lights (Official Music Video)

Earlier this year, trance godfather Paul van Dyk released Politics Of Dancing 3. Though the album itself was  immensely successful, two tracks stood out as the most well-received. One was “Louder,” which went on to be played in numerous live sets and re-interpreted in various remixes. The other was his collaboration with established vocalist Sue McLaren, which resulted in a haunting progressive trance piece called “Lights.”

Following its success on the airwaves, “Lights” has now been depicted visually through its music video. As Sue McLaren’s voice sings about being lifted to an outer state of mind at the beginning, the female protagonist finds out that she has passed away and is now a ghost. The rest of the video is shot in reverse while she accesses her memories to find out how she had died. Eventually she finds out her life had been cut short due to a car crash. As always, Paul van Dyk also plays a cameo as a club-goer who senses the woman’s spirit. The video for “Lights” aligns perfectly with the track itself; the melancholic ethos set by its minor key and McLaren‘s ethereal voice is a perfect background to highlight the protagonist’s confusion and shock surrounding the discovery of her passing.

“Lights” will be officially released tomorrow.

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