Danger Mouse announces 30th Century Records imprintDangermouse

Danger Mouse announces 30th Century Records imprint

Danger Mouse fans rejoice – the enigmatic producer is stepping out of the shadows for a brand new musical chapter. As one-half of Gnarls Barkley with more recent production credits including A$AP Rocky, U2 and Beck, Brian Burton has now announced plans to introduce his own 30th Century Records imprint to the world for 2015. In partnership with Columbia, the label will launch with an album from experimental West Coast trio Autolux, kick-starting a personalised injection of talent development and releases from the majestic producer. Those unfamiliar with the magic of the mouse should definitely be searching for The Grey Album and Dangerdoom right now, but 30th Century Records sounds like an essential legacy installment from the New York treasure.

Via: Pitchfork 

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