DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 121Sunday Morning Medicine

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 121


2. The Reloaded Mix of “Romance” is even more sultry than the original, with dark violin melodies assisting the deep house bassline in making a soothing-yet-intense auditory experience.


3. Gai Barone has perfected the art of lush progressive pieces, and this melodic rendition of Flynn & Denton’s “Second Chapter” is perfect at conveying emotion in a not-so-overwhelming manner.


4. The Yin and Yang pairing of Chilly Gonzales achieves near-perfection through the entirety of their eponymous debut album, Octave Minds. “Anthem” pairs Gonzales’ complex, understated piano riffing with Boys Noize extra-dimensional production to culminate in an ethereal, orchestral warble.


5. Bizarre Baltimorean Dan Deacon’s remix of Death Cab For Cutie’s “Black Sun” follows a fast-paced tempo, but it’s ambiental composition transports us to a calm cosmos.

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