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Fox Stevenson & Curbi – Hoohah (Original Mix)

The artist formerly known as Stan SB, now Fox Stevenson, just released an incredibly enticing trap/house track in cahoots with new Spinnin’ star Curbi. Any fan of Fox will instantaneously pick up the heavy synth influence he had on the “Hoohah,” while Curbi hopefuls can find comfort in the song falling in line with Curbi’s past work. Fox Stevenson has long been known for layering his processed vocals atop his tracks, but this one is left open to the mind’s lyrical imagination; “Hoohah” deserves to stand on its own instrumental legs, so Curbi and Stevenson released it as just that. A flawless transition into a half-time trap section before bounding back out to its house backbone gives “Hoohah” a life of its own, and everyone from Martin Garrix to Oliver Heldens agrees – this one is a must-hear.

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