A Google employee is raising funds for a satirical Burning Man musicalBurning Man The Musical

A Google employee is raising funds for a satirical Burning Man musical

Silicon Valley has been long been ground zero for innovation and technological development. More recently, it has served as the area where both those who organize and attend “F*ck Burning Man” protest parties, and those that charter private helicopters to the event, call home. Matt Werner, a New York City-based writer (who ironically works for Google), saw the opportunity for satire in this dichotomy, and has been raising funds through an IndieGoGo campaign to make a Burning Man musical.

The show’s protagonist, Joe, is asked to develop a water-delivery-by-drone app in 72 hours, and is thrust into the unique world of Burners in the musical’s opening (and currently only) number, ‘What Have You Heard About Burning Man?’ Absurd outfits, pretentious attitudes, and a shrine to Steve Jobs are all material for parody in the tongue-in-cheek preview. The musical’s composer, Gene Back, wryly tried his hand at calling out certain overdone trends in electronic music as well.

“Some of the EDM techniques that were referenced were things like heavy 80s throwback synths, the wobbly acid bassline, and chopped up and processed vocals, which you hear during the rap and the final musical cue “What would Steve Jobs do.” Then there’s the epic subdivided snare drum build up, the classic 808 snare motifs, and the sliding glitchy filtered mono synth lines. It’s definitely tongue-in-cheek but we tried to keep it serious enough for the average listener to relate in a convincing way.”

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