Here’s what we learned from The Fat Jew’s interview with SkrillexThe Fat Jew Photo

Here’s what we learned from The Fat Jew’s interview with Skrillex

As if The Fat Jew wasn’t already packing every one of your feeds, the internet-famous bottomless meme pit was making headlines this week more so than ever. Amid a tenuous week for the entertainer lesser known as Josh Ostrovsky, the radio host found time to dish with none other than “the Benjamin Franklin of gear sluts,” Skrillex, on his Beats 1 show, Pizza, Money, Respect. In typical Fat Jew fashion, the interview is hardly anything of real substance, although the spot is pretty hilarious. Cruising through a range of questions, the pair discuss a handful of topics, and Sonny even divulges some juicy talking points. Here are some of the best highlights:

1. More Dog Blood is coming. Prepare yourselves.

The opening pleasantries of the interview include one of the highlights of the short radio spot. Dog Blood is coming back. With a quick line in passing, Skrillex shouts out Jack Ü but also squeezes in a brief mention of his project alongside Boys Noize, explaining that after the recent HARD Red Rocks show that booked Dog Blood, fans can expect more from the super duo in the near future.

2. Skrillex hasn’t stopped touring in over a decade, with no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Between Jack Ü, Dog Blood, and solo performances, Skrillex manages to keep on the road all year long. Factor in time spent as the front man of From First To Last before Sonny Moore took over dance music, and the years begin to stack up. Its been 11 years of non-stop touring to be exact. Ostrovsky asks Skrillex when the last time he took a legitimate vacation was to which the superstar DJ matter-of-factly shrugs, “literally never.” Backtracking a little, Skrillex recalls a trip to visit his grandmother when he was 14 as being his last real vacation. A word to the wise: visit your grandmother. Even Skrillex visits his grandmother.

3. South America goes harder than anyone else in the world.

Citing a “football mentality,” OWSLA‘s head honcho admits to The Fat Jew that out of all the corners of the world that his tour has touched down in, South American crowds rock the party harder than anyone else. Aptly describing the experience to his host as “on another level,” Skrill recounts the feeling of playing all over the world, even naming Buenos Aires one of his favorite cities to visit. South American turns up harder than the rest, according to a jet setting top-tier DJ that averages over two hundred shows across the globe each year.

4. If Skrillex wasn’t a world famous DJ he’d be skating…or performing musical theater?

Ostrovsky opens a segment with an interesting question, wondering what the world-dominating DJ would be up to if he wasn’t where he is today. Sonny explains that he would be skateboarding. Shouting out his second love, Skrill talks about his affinity for skating and fond memories of attending plays with his father at a younger age. With the help of The Fat Jew, the pair spiral into some nonsense about combining all of Skrillex’s extra hobbies into one baffling piece of performance art. Possibly one day ditching the Mothership, look out for Skrillex’s Phantom of the Skatestep coming to your town soon.

5. Skrillex confirms he is working on Justin Bieber’s forthcoming record.

Rumors have been floating around for some time that Skrilex and Diplo’s work with Justin Bieber isn’t over yet. Although rumors of collaborating on new music have been scarce, Skrillex confirms on record with Ostrovsky that he is in fact working on Justin Bieber’s next album. Skrill goes on to praise his collaborator with high regards, warning caution to anyone who may have the heart to challenge the Bieb. Drum solos, ping pong, even water coloring and inward heel flips; Justin can do it all. With “Where Are U Now” having gone platinum and shot Skrillex and Diplo to the top of the charts this summer, it comes as no surprise that Skrillex is continuing to tag team with the famed Canadian pop star for future releases.

6. Everyone is getting an IO Hawk. Don’t miss out.

From Zedd to Steve Aoki, to perhaps most famously Skrillex, the hands-free automated roller boards that all your favorite celebrity DJs are toting nowadays are quickly becoming a necessary social-status prerequisite. You know the thing, you really really want one. In case you don’t have an Instagram account, Skrillex has been trotting the globe atop a small electric scooter and The Fat Jew gets the inside scoop. Considerably less flashy than Deadmau5‘s purarri, the new must-have for every DJ’s rider is an IO Hawk. You heard it here first.

 7. Watch your back on tour, anyone is a target for a good prank.

Having been on the road nearly all year long, every year since he’s been fifteen, its remarkable that Skrillex has kept his wits about him. The key may be found in a couple of well-intended pranks to keep the road life from wearing down on you. The Fat Jew prods Sonny about the pranks DJs like to play on each other, admitting its an inside thing he badly wants to be a part of. Skrill fires back detailing the punk rock world’s prank antics from his days in a band. From getting “antiqued” (powder slapped), to major onstage sabotage by (name drop) Fall Out Boy, the touring life will always keep you on your toes. Nobody is safe, not even Skrillex.

From a pottery/spin class hybrid to attempting to number the amount of “Australian dudes with sick bodies screaming,” Skrillex catches on tour, the pair’s short chat is a load of complete nonsense, although pretty funny nonetheless. With Katie Couric and Charlie Rose stealing all of the obligatory questions, The Fat Jew is left to ask the questions that the people really want answers to. Check Money, Pizza, Respect for a handful of good tunes, some entertaining banter, and a less-than-serious peek into the life of one of dance music’s biggest stars.

Here’s what we learned from The Fat Jew’s interview with Skrillexsr

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