Jack Ü & Snails – Holla Out (VIP) [Free Download]Jack U Album

Jack Ü & Snails – Holla Out (VIP) [Free Download]

When the Jack Ü project reached the height of its pre-release anticipation, the duo invaded Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1 to reveal a mix packed to the brim with exclusive previews. Among the tracklist were multiple early versions of songs that would eventually see the light of day in the official release, albeit in a different form. Since then, the demos and VIPs debuted in the mix that never made the final album cut, including alternate versions of “Holla Out” and “Febreze,” have been in exceptionally high demand from Skrillex and Diplo diehards.

Recently, the original rendition of “Holla Out,” the Jack Ü track featuring producer Snails, found its way to onto the internet. The release serves as an exciting official variation-in-production to a popular Skrillex and Diplo track, marking a special moment after months of anticipation.

Free Download

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