John Askew rants about Steve Aoki and David Guetta in the cheekiest way possibleJohn Askew Dj

John Askew rants about Steve Aoki and David Guetta in the cheekiest way possible

John Askew has been an influential figure in the trance and techno scenes for almost fifteen years and his career has always been “all about the music.” The DJ and manager is known for his lack of gimmicks and self-marketing as well as simple requests to Artist Relations such as being able to play an extended set in a dark room. After the rave scene exploded into the behemoth it is today, the producer has understandably felt a bit jaded about some of the things he’s noticed during its commercialization.

Similar to Deadmau5, Askew also expresses his contention with the EDM industry through cheeky humor on social media. In 2013, his letter to Avicii praising the song “Levels” for causing him to puke out something that was choking him went viral. Following Steve Aoki’s and David Guetta’s recent publicity stunts at Tomorrowland, which included a cheesy Titanic remix and playing a nursery rhyme, the British legend took to Facebook once again to add his opinion on the weekend’s shenanigans:


John Askew rants about Steve Aoki and David Guetta in the cheekiest way possibleJOHN ASKEW RANT


Despite being laced with hilarity, Askew brings up some valid points about the changing landscape of electronic music. When the music first gained popularity, its top DJs and producers were those who brought new and cutting-edge sounds to the table. These days, DJs are called out for playing the same songs with the same structure in their sets, prompting some veterans to say the scene has been “dumbed down.” As Askew accurately puts it, “…now we have nursery rhymes and Celine cunting Dion covers…….What’s next? Musical chairs? Musical statues? Guest appearances from the Teletubbies or Bob The Builder?” Hopefully with posts like his and Deadmau5 garnering so much attention, DJs and their management will get the message that variety and constant musical evolution in sets is what fans truly desire. But they probably won’t as long as they are getting paid.

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