Josh Butler Feat. Lono Brazil – Essence of House (Original Mix)Josh Butler Bw

Josh Butler Feat. Lono Brazil – Essence of House (Original Mix)

Josh Butler‘s stamp of quality isn’t served up everyday where original material is concerned, but the UK stalwart has risen from strength-to-strength with an ability to command both traditional and underground sects of the industry with seamless ease. Following up on his first-quarter label offering ‘Feelings,’ the label-hopping DJ/producer returns to Noir Music armed with a track that shows the leading next generation house talent still swoons for the origins of the craft.

A lifelong friend of house legends Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan, Lono Brazil’s recollection of the magic of heyday American house music guides an otherwise blissful suite of solid grooves and infectious key work, a fix sure to get the nostalgic juices running for those longer serving genre aficionados. ‘Essence of House’ is the soul, spirit and substance of the sound packaged with the high-end production values we have come to associated with Butler’s meteoric rise, offering a fine modern tribute to a genre that has persevered and matured past anyones wildest dreams.

Release Date: August 24

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