Kraftwerk will go “3D” later this yearKraftwerk

Kraftwerk will go “3D” later this year

Considered one of modern electronic music’s foremost pioneers, German synth-pop band Kraftwerk will be breaking new ground this year with a release of a “3D album.” Made to complement their 3D world tour which will kick off this September, the album will be comprised of live shows from their Kling Klang archives.

“We translated our performances to 3D, and in surround sound, kind of like 3D sound,” stated original member Ralf Hütter. “We’ve put a lot of work into the images…and arranging it synchronized with the music, so it’s quite a lot of production.” Though his previous bandmates will not be involved in the album release, Hütter assured his interviewer at Rolling Stone that the production will be top notch; a dedicated team of producers and programmers have been hard at work to create a quality 3D experience for Kraftwerk fans worldwide.

The album, which remains to be named, will be released through blu-ray sometime in late Autumn right in time for the European leg of the tour.


via: Rolling Stone

photo credit: Peter Boettcher

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