Kygo uploads ‘Piano Jam’ for your listening pleasureKygoStubberud 0507 Med

Kygo uploads ‘Piano Jam’ for your listening pleasure

Stepping away from his trademarked sun-drenched tropical theme, Kygo is offering up a work-in-progress personal jam session on his Soundcloud that isn’t quite like his usual output. Perhaps to incite some creativity and inspiration among his fans, or perhaps to make clear that tropical house isn’t the only facet of his game, Kygo took to his Soundcloud page recently with an aptly titled “Piano Jam.”

The session’s bold, poignant keystrokes come together with a faint kick behind them and acute effects laced throughout, with the occasional clap mixed in. Altogether, “Piano Jam” is minimal and far from anything complete, but it most certainly has potential. Could this conceptual, unfinished studio session wind up steering towards the tropical house direction? Absolutely, it is the perfect frame for Kygo’s next big beach beat. Could this be a more somber, delicate, house effort from outside the rising star’s comfort zone? Quite possibly. It might even be the perfect groundwork for an aspiring producer to make their own.

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