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Did Skrillex help create Justin Bieber’s latest single, ‘What Do You Mean?’

The merger between pop and electronic dance music is now complete. Justin Bieber linking with Skrillex and Diplo on “Where Are Ü Now” was the tipping point to an event that was long in the making. Now with a new Justin Bieber track, dance and pop are closer to being synonyms than ever, especially if rumors of Skrillex being credited as a producer on the track are true. Their first collaboration introduced Justin Bieber to a culture that otherwise wouldn’t have batted an eye in his direction, by two of dance music’s most influential figureheads. The result was Skrillex and Diplo’s most notable mainstream success and a platinum plaque to show for it.

Now Bieber is following up with “What Do You Mean?,” and Skrillex could be at the helm. The logical progression to the sounds of its predecessor, the new, speculated collaboration plays on Skrillex’s infallible ability to explore sounds and Bieber’s vocal appeal. Dreamy melodies flutter around an airy, radio-ready hook, as Bieber offers his first single in nearly two years. The track not only marks a new chapter for the international pop icon, but may also mark a new chapter for dance music altogether.

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