Listen to The M Machine’s best ‘Metropolis’ B-side yet, ‘Specific Hell’The M Machine Metropolis Pt. II

Listen to The M Machine’s best ‘Metropolis’ B-side yet, ‘Specific Hell’

Last week, The M Machine released “Happy Land“, a B-side to their 2012 double EP, Metropolis. Since then, the San Francisco-based duo has released 5 more B-sides. Ranging from melancholic progressive house of “Diamonds,” to the ethereal magnitude of “Radiolight” and “When It’s Gone,” and the eerie ambiance of “Space Design,” The M Machine prove that they are capable of an extremely well-spread variety — even if that variety doesn’t make an album’s final cut.

Aside from the series’ first installment, the real highlight of the collection comes in the third release, “Specific Hell.” Commencing with an ominous tribal house rhythm and progressing through features of techno and trance, the seven minute opus is sure to leave mouths agape in a wide variety of club sets. Listen to “Specific Hell below,” and check out the rest of the B-sides here.

Download the B-sides for free via The M Machine’s ToneDen.