Listen to The M Machine’s unreleased B-sides from ‘Metropolis’The M Machine

Listen to The M Machine’s unreleased B-sides from ‘Metropolis’

Back in 2012, The M Machine broke onto the scene with Metropolis Pt. I, an experimental concept EP named after Fritz Lang’s 1927 dystopian film of the same name. The San Francisco trio followed the inaugural installment in 2013 with the second half: Metropolis Pt. II, which proved as equally as genre-defying as the first.

The series was supposed to serve as the group’s debut album, but ended up being split into two separate EPs. As a result, many tracks fell to the wayside, never to be heard by the public. Now, however, rather than leave these tracks as unfinished memories of the past, The M Machine have decided to resurrect them on SoundCloud in the form of Metropolis B-sides.

The first song to surface is “Happy Land:” a chunky electro house piece with the kind of spirited funk of their past work. While the breakdown is synth pop heaven, the real attraction lies in the syncopated synth stabs of the drop.

The M Machine will be releasing more B-sides in the coming days. In addition to the music, they left a detailed message to fans explaining what they’ve been up to lately.

As a lot of you know, its been actual years now since we got serious about a full length album. That process has been unbelievably challenging for us. We’ve been tested logistically and financially after losing our studio, our home, and of course a bandmate. But the real nightmare has been this cycle of losing and regaining faith in our music, over and over.
We’re trying — and honestly feel closer than ever to the RIGHT album. But in the meantime we have some old work to show you. Cataloguing and organizing music from the past five years has led us down some pretty interesting wormholes… including the original Metropolis demos.
Metropolis was always meant to be a full length album. But, for a host of reasons, we split it into two EPs — cherry-picking the newer, more “relevant” music. Now, it feels like there’s too much value in some of these old demos not to show them off.
We’re putting up a B-Sides playlist on soundcloud that we’ll populate with free downloads as we finish new masters — starting this evening!

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