Matt Lange – Ripples (Original Mix)Matt Lange

Matt Lange – Ripples (Original Mix)

As the September 10 release of Matt Lange’s debut album Ephemera creeps upon us, the hype surrounding the project is reaching an all-time high among the producer’s fans with what’s been teased thus far. While “My Love Aside” showcased the deeper side to the album and “Lying To Myself” offered up an ambient vibe, “Ripples” broadens the album’s range even further with a juicy serving of techno.

The track is propelled forward with relentless, driving bass and a central melody played out with multiple different types of synthesizers. Right when it seems like things have begun to slow down, “Ripples” fools the listener, upping the energy as loud cymbals make their presence known. Containing just enough darkness with the right touch of funk in the melody, it’s likely we’ll hear this piece  played out in many techno sets this coming season.

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