Memtrix & Spor – Darkest Hours (Original Mix)Memtri Spor

Memtrix & Spor – Darkest Hours (Original Mix)

Jon Gooch dons his Spor alter-ego to team up with 19-year old UK producer Memtrix for their aptly-named collaboration “Darkest Hours.” Spor, Gooch’s storied drum n’ bass alias, mixed an Essential Mix and released a seventeen-track album earlier this year after several years of radio silence, while Memtrix is just pressing his footprint into the reinvigorating drum n’ bass scene. Deep, developing melodies and Rosie Blancher’s powerful vocals command attention from the beginning, with echoing samples and drums adding texture. Spor’s virtuosic bass work and Memtrix’s gritty synths share the stage on equal footing in “Darkest Hours,” and Memtrix affirmed that the process was as collaborative as the track sounds.

“Working with Spor has definitely been an eye opening and insightful experience, but I think more than that it’s just been really fun. It always seems really natural and fluent in the studio and we bounce ideas off each other really well I think. Obviously it’s an absolute privilege for me to work with such a household name who’s work I respect so much, and this release is something I’m really proud of and excited about.”

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