Mr. Carmack – Ego (Woolymammoth Remix)Carmack Ego Woolymammoth Remi Artwork

Mr. Carmack – Ego (Woolymammoth Remix)

Mr. Carmack may not need an introduction any more, having cemented his spot as dance music’s (if you even want to call it that) resident forward-thinker. Fresh off a new EP via Nest’s free-release platform, Carmack is the ultimate acquired taste; an experimental sound at the boundaries of electronic music. And whereas you may not yet be familiar up-and-comer Woolymammoth, the bright young talent is letting his latest remix do all the talking, taking Mr. Carmack’s groundwork and expounding on “Ego” with impressive modifications.

The Bay Area-bred teenager procures a clamorous, knocking, remix of “Ego” complete with off-beat glitches and punchy breaks. Keeping Carmack’s strangely groovy theme in tact, Woolymammoth shows off his ability to stretch trap music and glitch-hop as far as possible with this fearless remix.

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