New study proves that music alleviates the need for painkillersMusic

New study proves that music alleviates the need for painkillers

They say “music is good for the soul,” however a new study has recently uncovered that it’s also good for physical health. Conducted through Brunel University, researchers tested 7,000 patients who had recently undergone surgery. By the end of the study, a large portion of those who were allowed to listen to their favorite songs before and after surgery reported lower pain levels and reduced need for medication to feel comfortable.

“Music is a non-invasive, safe and cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery.”

Looking further into results, scientists working on the study gathered meta data from other public studies on music and healing and concluded that music also led to more satisfaction with surgery results in addition to reduced anxiety rates. The results of this study and its supplemental findings has spurred increased interest, and a follow-up study will be taking place at The Royal London Hospital for women having caesarean sections.

via: Fact Mag

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