New unreleased preview may mark the return of JusticeJusticelive

New unreleased preview may mark the return of Justice

Usually a preview this short is nothing to write home about, but when the preview could be brand new Justice, exceptions can be made.

Last year we caught wind that French electro pioneers Justice were in the studio carving out a third full-length record. Since then, news from the duo has been virtually nonexistent. Without an active social media presence, news from the Ed Banger veterans is generally few and far between, perhaps until now. A short excerpt was taken from The French Shuffle recently, where a preview of an unreleased track known presently as “Heads” may have shown the first sign of Justice’s re-emergence in years. Albeit being a little short, the newly previewed snippet sounds like pure, quintessential Justice, although this unreleased piece could be a stocked gem from the pair’s unreleased vault.

The unreleased cut sure sounds like Justice, but its authenticity is still up for debate. The preview shows off the track’s punchy hook and a backdrop of gritty electro white noise. “Heads” may be the first little glimpse at a follow up to  and Audio, Video, Disco. Could “Heads” be the first golden soundbite from Justice’s third studio record? It may very well be. Xavier and Gaspard have been suspiciously quiet over the last year or so, and new music from the French house-rock outfit is long overdue. New Justice may be just around the corner, check “Heads” and decide for yourself.

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