One Tribe drastically slashes prices until FridayId6SiQWj

One Tribe drastically slashes prices until Friday

We’re just over halfway through summer festival season, and funds are surely beginning to run low for thousands of music fans making their annual pilgrimages this year. Luckily, One Tribe has recognized this spending pandemic and decided to give its future attendees a break. Until this Friday August 7th, the festival is offering ticket packages that are significantly reduced in price: with fees included, sets of two or four people can get tickets and camping as low as $200.


One Tribe drastically slashes prices until FridayOne Tribe


One Tribe is SFX’s newest addition to their festival collection and is meant to celebrate music fans coming together under “one tribe.” Catering to what’s considered the “underground” of electronic music, the lineup boasts big names in the techno and deep house scenes. Awakenings will be curating its debut stage there, as well as other notable labels like Crosstown Rebels.

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