This is what raving looked like in 1989Dub Hacienda 765

This is what raving looked like in 1989

“Raving” has been a counter-cultural institution kept alive by young people since the 1980s. Though started by the house and techno movements blooming out of Chicago and Detroit, the music made an even larger impact in England, which is considered the birthplace of modern rave culture.

The following video, shot in 1989, offers an extremely rare glimpse into what the parties were really like at their roots. It depicts a large youthful crowd dancing in the morning sun to acid house as if they had only begun partying an hour before. The warehouse appears to be full, implying that most who were thereĀ at the beginning of the night were in it until the last beat sounded from the speakers. Seeing these people who are now in their late 40s and early 50s partying harder than most of us truly drills in the lesson to “respect your elders.”

photo credit: SB Nation

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