Rihanna – BBHMM (TØMB Remix)Rihanna

Rihanna – BBHMM (TØMB Remix)

Let’s be honest: no one was asking for anymore “BBHMM” remixes. Rihanna’s latest moment in the spotlight garnered renditions from across the electronic world, some adding notable gusto, others merely offering another unimaginative major label remix opportunity.

Under the careful selection of Annie Mac’s Free Music Monday series, London newcomers TØMB adds a second remodel to their sparing catalogue of productions in the wake of their debut EP for Greenmoney. The remix plays out in a notably unhinged way, detracting from the safer and more specifically genre-tailored remixes spread across the internet in the wake of the original single’s reign. The scratchy percussion and otherwise sparse production on this one gives Rihanna’s vocal assets new and gritty attitude, adding a serious contender to the cluster of remixes that is sure to elevate TØMB from the shadows of UK dance music.

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