Skrillex…er, Sonny, plays along with this week’s ‘Selects’Skrille Showcases His Five Favourite Tracks At The Moment

Skrillex…er, Sonny, plays along with this week’s ‘Selects’

You’ve got to have a sense of humor about yourself. If anyone knows this, its Skrillex, who keeps it strictly lighthearted at all times. For those out of the loop on the never-ending meme cycle, this week a well-intended jab at the archetypal industry-related folk of Los Angeles took off with a quick line, “Oh, you mean Sonny?,” as if to describe the quintessential dance music bro. Four simple words, and they are spot on. Now Sonny himself is getting in on the laugh as he drops off his collection of weekly “Selects.”

Making it to this special edition of the running playlist, G-Buck’s remix of Valentino Khan‘s “Deep Down Low,” along with cuts from Yacht Club, Mr. Carmack, and more. It might be an industry-standard to be on a first name basis with Skrillex, but keeping up with his musical rotation ensures you’re in the know.

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