Spotify sets sights on eliminating ‘freemium’ and introducing a ‘gated access’ modelSpotify

Spotify sets sights on eliminating ‘freemium’ and introducing a ‘gated access’ model

Possibly in preparation to equalize the playing field between the two obvious leaders of the streaming pack, Spotify is reportedly looking to move in the same direction as Apple Music by switching to a gated, non-freemium model.

Though no official statement has yet to be released about the change for the platform, it is said that Spotify is considering an “exclusive” approach to paid users, meaning that certain releases might only be available to Spotify subscribers and other methods to entice free users to sign up for a premium account.

A source told Digital Music News that “[Spotify] want the free users to feel like they’re missing something, not just forced to listen to ads.” Additionally, this update comes just a few months after Spotify’s announcement to begin integrate and create video content, another component that could definitely be affected by the platform’s choice to follow a gated access model.

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