Surgeons who play drum and bass during operations risk endangering their patientsSurgery

Surgeons who play drum and bass during operations risk endangering their patients

Anyone who has been to a drum and bass show knows that it’s pretty hard to talk to other people amidst a flurry of fast-paced kicks and cymbal crashes. This communication barrier is inconsequential when a friend fails to hear and properly respond to the question, “Is this that new Netsky song?”

But, in the context of an operating room, the issue is a bit more significant. According to The Independent:

“Surgeons have been warned that playing drum and bass during operations hampers communication with nurses and puts patients at risk.”

A UK study conducted by the National Journal of Nurses, found that music impedes interaction between surgeons and their staff. Extensive video footage of surgeries both with and without music “revealed that music made staff repeat themselves, hindered communication, caused frustration and potentially risked patient safety.”  The study found drum and bass music to be the most obstructive to staff communication:

“Drum and bass and dance music were often played loudest, with the volume raised for popular songs.

In some cases, the findings show that nurses visibly struggled to hear instructions from surgeons.”

The Independent notes that previous research indicates surgeons are at their most effective and relaxed while listening to the music of their choice. However, if the doctor’s choice is Rudimental, maybe he should wait until after the procedure.

Via The Independent.

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