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Tim Penner – The Mist (Original Mix)

It’s hard to deny that Tim Penner has forged a relentlessly successful path for himself in the progressive genre. Using his mastery of melody and sonic structure, the Canadian’s ascentĀ up the artistic ladder has been met with accolades from legendary figures like Max Graham, who recently chose him to remix his famous classic “Airtight.” Further solidifying his status as a rising star in progressive, Penner has just released an incredible EP on John 00 Flemming’s label, J00F recordings.

“The Mist” is the more eclectic of the two tracks released on it. Droplets of water and submarine sound samples grace the background, shrouding “The Mist” with a deep energy. Minimal except in the string-laden breakdown, aspects like high hats, the kick, and chimes give the song further depth and prove that a central melody is not necessary to add quality to a piece of music.

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