Tony Quattro enlists homeless vocalist for ‘My House’Tony Quattro

Tony Quattro enlists homeless vocalist for ‘My House’

New York based producer Tony Quattro has begun establishing a signature sound that is minimally tribal and deeply rooted in tech house. Generally affiliated with the Trouble & Bass label, Quattro has released his latest single, “My House,” via Main Course – Astronomar, Neoteric, and Bot’s unique house imprint.

“My House” recalls characteristics of early tech house. Minimal synthesis, meets danceable but complex rhythms to culminate in an effortlessly motile musical flow. Amidst clanging percussive fills and smooth trumpet-laden breaks, we hear the vocals of Showtime Willy, which are easily reminiscent of the famed vocalizations of Green Velvet‘s “Preacher Man.” However, Tony Quattro’s process in finding Showtime Willy is an uniquely interesting story.

Quattro told Thump that he discovered his unknown vocalist in the form of a homeless man doing standup in the New York subway:

“I was on the A-train heading home from work, and a homeless man walked on my car and started doing stand-up”


 “I kept thinking to myself, ‘Damn, he would sound so dope on a house track!’ So before he walked off the car, I shoved through the crowd of sweaty commuters, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, ‘Don’t get off yet. I’ll give you $20 bucks to come up to Harlem and record some vocals with me.’ “

Given the well-formed result, Quattro’s release lends the lesson to any producers with writer’s block that inspiration can arise from some of the least expected sources. Listen below:


Via Thump.

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