Watch Dillon Francis rap in his new ‘Bee Positive’ videoDillon Francis Bee Positive

Watch Dillon Francis rap in his new ‘Bee Positive’ video

Dillon Francis is known for his unfiltered and ebullient social media presence. He keeps his millions of fans constantly updated with his antics, most recently with a spate of comical videos including a donut PSA. His latest just-for-kicks share is a video featuring Francis rapping and calling for viewers to “chuck up the deuce and bee positive.” Clad in an oversized bee costume and spitting bee puns, the moombahton maestro gives a sullen girl ice cream, consoles his jobless friend, and forgives an aggressive Los Angeles driver for cutting him off. Though the video is lighthearted, the message is genuine.

Dillon has once again outdone himself by connecting with his fans through this #Campaign4Change. His latest EP, This Mixtape Is Fire, is scheduled to be released August 14.

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