Watch Steve Angello’s stunning opening sequence at OmniaEdc13lvc 092

Watch Steve Angello’s stunning opening sequence at Omnia

Though Axwell ^ Ingrosso perform together as two-thirds of the megagroup Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello has forged his own path to individual stardom since the split was announced in 2012. Following an intense tour schedule, the renowned producer has settled down for a residency at the Hakkasan-owned Omnia club. Bringing a stadium vibe to a club setting, Omnia and Angello have curated a performance akin to one that would be seen at any notable music festival.

Opening on a dramatic and jubilant note similar to announcing royalty, the trumpet-adorned melody eventually quiets down into a tantalizing breakdown as lights cascade down the walls of the club. As cellos make their entrance into the sequence, extraterrestrial ceiling lights brighten the room while the Swedish DJ cues startling light flashes out into the crowd. When the opening house tune finally blasts over the speakers, the audience bursts into profuse applause as the visuals transport them into a production rivaling SHM’s ‘One Last Tour.’ Omnia is already known for its over-the-top production value, but they might have outdone themselves in this instance.

Photo Credit: Rukes

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