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Watch Skrillex’s ‘Bangarang’ receive the perfect acoustic cover

Long before “Where Are Ü Now” dominated the airwaves, Skrillex’s first commercial success, “Bangarang” got its fair share of commercial radio play. While it didn’t make the impact in the pop world that Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s collaboration has, “Bangarang” continues to live on as one of Skrillex’s best: a classic in his ever-expanding catalog of jams. And where you may have heard the explosive ode to the rowdy Lost Boys in high-octane DJ sets, you’ve never heard the track performed like this.

Deconstructed down to its basic elements by YouTube user HammerBirds, this is what “Bangarang” sounds like as an acoustic cover, complete with chopsticks, thumping cello and bass accentuations, and of course a lead piano. In delivering one of Skrillex’s hardest live weapons as a slick acoustic rendition, this cover is about sharp attention to the ivory and inventive string techniques, and the execution is nailed perfectly.

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