Andy Lee – The Groove (Original Mix)Andy Lee

Andy Lee – The Groove (Original Mix)

Andy Lee is no stranger to a bloody good house track. The long-serving UK DJ/producer has held his corner with some truly stunning labels over the years, calling Lost Records and Pura Music alike home to his floor-favouring studio artillery. Back among familiar friends at Love Not Money Records this month, Lee makes with four fresh servings of nostalgically cut club work with enough muscle to hold the modern palate.

Among the three original tracks donned to The Groove EP, its namesake kicks things off with the utmost elegance. Fierce filtered sweeps meet course percussive grooves head on, giving the otherwise soulful A-side some serious teeth. It sounds like somebody took the sound that dominated European house music circa 2007, bred it with the remnants of French filter house and then force fed it with enough 21st century edge to hold some of the more picky modern tastebuds of the underground circuit. ‘The Groove’ is Andy Lee’s moment of reckoning – there are few people making tracks of this quality at the moment and as far as his return to Love Not Money is concerned, Andy Lee is the heart and currency modern dance floors need.

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