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Axwell and Ingrosso leave Amy Thomson’s management company ATM Artists

The Swedish House Mafia saga is now officially over after Axwell and Ingrosso have announced their departure from long time manager Amy Thomson and her company, ATM Artists.

Thomson, who is often credited with the monumental success of the trio that culminated in a sold out Madison Square Garden performance will remain the manager of the now defunct Swedish House Mafia:

“At this time I’m not able to comment further, except I wish them the best. My role as manager of Swedish House Mafia and their rights management remains unchanged.”

Axwell and Ingrosso are likely to join fellow Swede, Ash Pournouri, at the powerhouse management company At Night.  Speaking with Billboard, Pournouri, who now manages Avicii, Cazzette, Otto Knows and iSHi, acknowledged that any discussions thus far with the duo were friendly and preliminary.

“Nothing is agreed, and I would help them regardless of who they continue their journey with. I have tremendous respect for what Amy has accomplished with them.”

The pair’s decision to leave their long time manager comes as a shock to many. Under Thomson’s leadership they relaunched as Axwell /\ Ingrosso and inked a deal with Def Jam Records but some sources close to the group told Billboard that the relationship was noticeably strained in recent months. Others asserted that the split was mutual and amicable with both sides acknowledging a desire to explore other options.

The real story, much like that of Swedish House Mafia’s high profile break up, will likely remain a mystery.

Via: Billboard

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