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The Chainsmokers murder Tiesto in ‘Split (Only U)’ music video

Whether you’ve seen their NSFW skit for “Let You Go” or the virulent “#Selfie” parody, The Chainsmokers have conquered the music video game to shoot them into the top tier of dance music’s funniest personalities. Their latest attempt to crack a few laughs comes in the form of the official music video for “Split (Only You)” alongside the legendary Tiësto.

It kicks off with Alex and Drew receiving a trolling snapchat from Tiësto after a long-night of partying. The revenge-driven duo devise a plan to bag and kidnap Tiësto to introduce him to a shallow grave in the Las Vegas desert. While the boys are preoccupied back in Sin City, the Musical Freedom king rises from the dead to exact revenge on The Chainsmokers and turn his collaborative colleagues into zombies just like him.

Moral of the story: Don’t murder Tiësto.

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